Papers will be scheduled in oral sessions as individual oral presentations as well as poster presentations. Posters in the size A0 and A1 are possible. There will be no layout requirement for presentation slides and posters.

Submission of long and short papers:

The submission of the long and short abstracts can be done via the conference system.

Notes on second publication:

Second publications are possible without observing an embargo or grace period, provided that the correct reference of the first publication is given. The right of secondary publication is limited to the form of use of making available to the public. Thus, only online publication via the library's publication server or via the institute's website is possible. The source of the original publication must be cited. The final submitted and accepted manuscript version may be published. Furthermore, no profit may be made with the second publication.


The proceedings will be made available as a free PDF download.


Instructions for Abstract Submission

Please follow the steps below for the abstract submission:

  • Write a description of your work that summarizes the topic, objectives, methods, and results. The description should be no longer than 1 to 2 pages and should include the most important keywords that describe your research area and question.
  • Format your description according to the conference guidelines.
  • Upload your description as a PDF or Word file to our website. Make sure that in the file your description is anonymous, i.e., it does not contain any information or logos that could reveal your identity or that of your co-authors. This is important because the review process is double blinded, meaning that neither the reviewers nor the authors know who wrote or evaluated the paper.

Instructions for submitting the long version

Authors of all accepted papers and oral and poster contributions are requested to prepare a final manuscript detailing their results for publication in the conference proceedings. The template provided must be used for manuscript preparation. The presentation submission is in PDF or Word format only and must not exceed six pages. By submitting the final manuscript, authors assure that they are the authors of the content of the paper and that publication of the paper will not violate any copyrights of third parties. For each contribution, one author must register for the conference.